Awards - Yorker of the Year

Yorker of the Year
presented to
The Private Soldier of the Col's Coy who by his Spirit, Attendance and Bearing
best celebrates the Memory of the original King's Royal Yorkers (KRR NY)

The Governor Simcoe Branch
The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada
Yorker of the Year Recipients
A list of recipients follows. Those marked with an asterisk continue as active members.
Year Name
Duff Steele
1980 Bob Anglin
1981 David Moore*
1982 Gerry McMartin
1983 Sonja Reuter
1984 Syl Haase
Norm Agnew
1986 John Macleod
1987 Janice Lang*
1988 Peter Johnson*
1989 Eric Lorenzen*
1990 Tex Joyner
1991 Jon Wannamaker*
1992 Kate LeBlanc
1993 Keith Croucher
Fil Walker
1995 Eric Fernberg*
Year Name
1996 Michelle Rehkopf*
1997 Steve Sandford*
1998 Cliff Nyenhuis
1999 Ken Taylor
2000 Kathleen Manneke*
2001 John E. Jordan
2002 not awarded
2003 Amanda Moore*
2004 Rev. Neil Thomsen*
2005 Shaun Wallace*
2006 Andrea Putnam*
2007 Karen Dittrick*
2008 Chris Armstrong*
2009 Ian Schroeder*
2010 Deb Turrall
2011 John Bradshaw